One Week

Carnegie Mellon University | 2012

I have trouble keeping up with the news, and whenever I take the time to read it seems as if I am missing the whole story. One Week is an app allows users to understand what history led up to today's news and fully understand the situations they read about.

One Week is a new way to experience the news. This application pairs history with current news articles in order to let the readers make well informed decisions about current events. In addition to an interactive timeline which accompanies each article, One Week allows the user to search for news in three ways. Images, Headlines, and Newspaper Sections help users find articles in a way that suits their needs. Visual browsers can use the image map to choose their next read while those who scan for keywords can look through headlines. One Week can also act as a time capsule of sorts for current and future generations to understand our society today and in the past. The timeline feature brings historic information to the forefront of current news creating a rich experience for history buffs, new readers, and curious learners.

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